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Happy Customers

I love Nano! The designs are unique which distinguishes the line from other designers. I started buying Nano clothes for our grandchildren as infants and now, as toddlers they continue to enjoy the fashions! Also, the customer service is awesome! I have turned on some "granny friends" to Nano! .

Stephanie M, Oakland, ME

My 5 year old is extremely picky about clothes and will not put anything on that isn’t comfortable. He’s tough to fit (skinny with long legs), so I recently bought 3 pairs of pants to try for him, 1 of which was a pair of NANO joggers. He rejected the 2 other brands, but when he saw the NANOs, he immediately put them on and insisted on wearing them the rest of the day. And the next day. I’ll have to wash them while he sleeps! He said, “Mom, these are the big winner! Can I get more pairs?” We found our new favorite brand. Thank you, NANO!

Jennifer D,  Western Springs, IL

NANO has been my favorite brand for my daughter. She’s almost 4 years old and has been wearing it since she was a baby. Not only do we both love the stylish designs, but the clothes are durable, comfortable and versatile. The fabric and sizing allows the same dress to fit - even with her growth spurts (so a lot of the clothes last almost 1.5 years). Now that she wants to choose what she wears everyday, NANO is her favorite brand, too. 



We sure are huge fans! My three favorite things about Nano clothes are:

 Softness, Durability (they wash and wear really well), Awesome style with bright colors and funny graphics

 My son is 3.5 and is very active. I want his clothes to be comfortable (he never wears jeans or dressy stuff) and Nano styles and comfort fit perfectly. Plus the clothes feature all his favorite stuff: trucks, sharks etc. 

Liza M.

Both my boys LOVE your pants... like obsessed.  The second one argues with me if none are clean.  He will NOT wear other pants.  Thanks for making their legs comfy and stylish! :-)

Michelle, Port Washington, NY

Love love the comfortable boys cargo pants and thermals!!!

 Eirene, Cambridge MA

My favorite pieces typically include your zip up boys/girls hoodies - Nobody on the market has your hoodies - I love them!  Over sized, comfortable, perfect thickness, simple designs.  I was ecstatic about finding that star hoodie in my last order.  I had the size 4 which has lasted till now but it is on it's way out.