we believe in clothes...that children love to wear over and over again; that are cool and contemporary;
that withstand to all activities;

and most of all
...make your child's world a little comfortable

What sets Nano apart?

it is because Northern NJ based company is producing 70% of its products here in the New Jersey, most styles, 
colors and prints are unique to each season and donations to a number charities that help children around the world.
Founded in 2003 by Patricja Pienkowski and Howard Balch, to bring good looking clothes that let children be children. 
Clothes should withstand wear-and-tear and be worn over and over again. 
In 2010, Nano introduced boys swimwear with exclusive fun and colorful prints.
We are still producing as much of our product as possible here in America to support and promote our country's economy.
Nano currently sells to a numerous boutiques and catalog houses across the country.

What Nano means?

very, very small

Whats a perfect gift?

cargo pants and thermal tees...children love to wear those over and over again